Ellipses and Circles Worksheet

How to Teach Ellipses and Circles

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When students see a concept presented in more than one way, the chances of understanding increase. Many teachers have students draw ellipses and circles by attaching a loop of string to two tacks placed in corrugated cardboard.

How to Teach Ellipses and Circles: Ellipses and Circles Worksheet

Students use a pencil to draw the ellipse by placing it at one of the tacks and moving clockwise as they stretch the string as far as they can. The figure they get should look like the illustration below.

Ellipses and Circles Worksheet

The sketch makes labeling the parts of the ellipses and circles easy. Have students record these parts of the ellipse on their sketches that correspond with the other two diagrams.

Ellipses and Circles

Coolmath.com has a well-presented lesson on the formula and graphing of an ellipse, which includes circles. The link for the lesson is given below.


The Nightmare of Conic Sections

We also have another awesome lesson called The Nightmare of Conic Sections on our Algebra 2 with Trig blog!

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