1.) Is this a one time fee or an ongoing membership?

The Math Teacher Coach Community is an ongoing membership because we add new lessons and activities daily.


2.) Tell Me More About MathTeacherCoach.com. What Can I Expect?

MathTeacherCoach.com is a membership community full of math activities and resources. You will receive full curriculum for whatever classes you teach. We give you everything you need. Bell to bell instruction for everyday of the school year with the pacing guides to follow. So, you will not have to do any planning for class. You will get access to our forums that only Math  Teachers of that specific class have access to.

So, Pre-Algebra Teachers are with other Pre-Algebra (6th, 7th & 8th Grade) Teachers, Geometry Teachers with Geometry Teachers, Algebra 1 Teachers with Algebra 1 Teachers, Algebra 2 Teachers with Algebra 2 Teachers, and Pre-Calculus Teachers with Pre-Calculus Teachers. If you teach more than one class you will be placed in all of the  communities of the classes you teach.

Inside the forums teachers are free to share anything they want pertaining to their Math Classes. You will be able to share worksheets, assessments, projects, or even just thoughts, ideas, and frustrations.


3.) Do Your Resources Align with a Textbook?

No! We are a stand alone math curriculum company. We are teachers who have made lessons that teachers will actually use in class. No fluff! All of our employees are actually math teachers teaching math on a daily basis. So we understand and have the same frustrations you do.

You will not need anything else with our curriculum. We give you everything you need for every lesson you teach neatly organized and ready to go.



4.) Can I See the Curriculum Map for the Materials I will get?

Absolutely! Just click the link below to see the maps…

Click Here to View the Math Teacher Coach Curriculum Maps


5.) I’m In! When Will I Get Access to the Community and All the Materials?

Great! When you join you will get INSTANT ACCESS IMMEDIATELY!


6.) Will There Be New Materials Added?

Yes! New materials will be added weekly! We will be looking for your feedback to see what you would like created in the very near future. We strive to create resources that make your life easier.


7.) Can I Use a School Purchase Order for My Membership?

Absolutely! Please fill out the Purchase Order Form. If you need an invoice or an estimate please feel free to let us know in the comments box and we will get that right out to you. We also offer multiple teacher licenses at a discount. To inquire about whole school or district licenses simply mention it in the comments box on the Purchase Order page.


8.) How Did You Come Up With the Pricing?

We have spent years organizing and creating these materials. We created this community because We were having the same problems and frustrations you are right now as a teacher. Depending on the package you choose these materials will cost you less than $0.27 per class per day. The cost is certainly worth the time and sanity you will gain!